Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Life is short

It has been few months I haven't posted any topics here. Things were changed too fast in the past few months and I couldn't even have time to feel it, I guess the Lord tries to teach me the meaning of life through the real lessons but it really cost too much.

Yes, my son passed away for almost four months and our life is back to normal, at least it seems normal. My wife won't cry while she watch advertisement for baby products on TV. We watch movies, go shopping like what we were usually doing before we had our son. But I know, in our heart, the scar is there and can never be removed. Or should I say that we do not want to remove it.

I seriously tired to stay here and I hope that I would make some changes in my life. I think my wife need some changes as well. I wish I can post the next topic in a very soon future to talk about something positive.

Last not least, Alfie, my lovely son, we love you and we will always remember you.

Thursday, July 23, 2009



可以名字确实给我带来很多麻烦,我姓郭,中国使用的拼音为GUO,但一个真正身受英文教育的人却很难发出这个音。 于是乎很多有我名字的文件,例如博士录取通知,汽车卡等等,拼错我名字的情况屡屡发生,而且GUO带来的发音不便也让我很困扰。也许有人会说为什么要迁就别人,不可以让英国人迁就你么?我的理解是名字是给人叫的,自然需要让别人叫得方便。 特别是在英联邦国家生活,入乡随俗就很重要。但是GUO到底要怎样改拼真得很头痛,香港的郭富城跟我一样姓,他的拼写是Kwok,这样的拼写似乎不会造成歧义,但是我不是广州人,自然不需要跟广州话发音。